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Internet of things: working bibliography

Internet of things: working bibliography

List last updated: 13.04.06

Auto-ID Center: The Networked Physical World: Proposals for Engineering the Next Generation of Computing, Commerce & Automatic-Identification (pdf) (01.10.00)
HP Labs: People, Places, Things: Web Presence for the Real World (pdf) (02.00)

Forbes: The Internet of Things (18.03.02)
Auto-ID Center: Why Technical Breakthroughs Fail: A History of Public Concern with Emerging Technologies (pdf) (01.11.02)

NACS: The Internet of Things (29.01.03)
Auto-ID Center: Public Policy: Understanding Public Opinion (pdf) (01.02.03)
Info World: Chicago show heralds new 'Internet of things' (15.09.03)
Guardian Unlimited Technology: The internet of things (9.10.03)
Digital ID World: RFID and the Internet of Things (pdf) (11.03)
Sun Developer Network: Toward a Global "Internet of Things" (11.11.03)

Computerworld: The State of RFID: Heading Toward a Wireless Internet of Artifacts (11.08.04)
Scientific American: The Internet of Things (10.04)
Business Week: A Machine-To-Machine "Internet Of Things" (26.04.04)
Sterling keynote at SIGGRAPH 04: Keyed to the future (10.08.04)
BusinessWeek: A Vast Web of Tiny Sensors (01.09.04)

Addison-Wesley: RFID: Applications, Security, and Privacy (06.07.05)
CS Monitor: The Web is all around us - even on the walls (07.07.05)
The Boston Globe: The Internet of things (31.07.05)
Bruce Sterling: Shaping Things (09.05)
GovExec.com: An Internet of Things (01.09.05)
IFTF's Future Now: An Internet of Things, or an Internet of Verbs? (02.09.05)
Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre: Spychips (04.10.05)
ITU Internet Reports 2005: The Internet of Things (17.11.05)
BBC News: UN predicts 'internet of things' (17.11.05)
CIO: Next Big Things: Internet of Things (18.11.05)
BusinessWeek Online's "Voices of Innovation" podcast: Interview with Bruce Sterling (mp3) (13.12.05)
IHT: Wireless: Creating Internet of 'Things': A scary, but exciting idea (20.11.05)

MIT Press: Shaping Things MediaWork Pamphlet & John Thackara's WebTake (05? 06?)
Nicolas Nova and Julian Bleecker: Blogjects and the new ecology of things _ lift06 workshop (pdf) (01.02.06)
Julian Bleecker: Why Pigeons that Blog Matter, or: The Internet of Things is not an Internet of Arphids (17.02.06)
Julian Bleecker: Space, Place and Things — New Rules of Tenancy _within_ the Internet of Things (22.02.06)
Julian Bleecker: A Manifesto for Networked Objects — Cohabiting with Pigeons, Arphids and Aibos in the Internet of Things (pdf) (26.02.06)
Melanie R. Rieback et al.: RFID Viruses and Worms (02.03.06)
Dataweek: The 'Internet of things' said to be the next technological revolution (08.03.06)
BBC News: Radio tag study revealed at Cebit (10.03.06)
Julian Bleecker: Society of the Spectacle (2.0): Surveillance in the Internet of Things (14.03.06)
Nature: 2020 computing: Everything, everywhere (23.03.06)

Wikipedia: An internet of things (n.d.)
Newsweek: An Internet of Things (n.d.)

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