Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Video: Paul Krugman on the Economy

Video: Paul Krugman on the Economy

5:00 PM Tuesday February 10, 2009
by Sarah Cliffe

Tags: Economy, Finance, Financial crisis

Paul Krugman - economics professor at Princeton, New York Times columnist, and now the winner of the Nobel Prize in economics -- visited Harvard Business Review's offices on February 9th.

Krugman is also an HBR author. Of particular note is his 1996 article, A Country Is Not a Company (free until March 13), which carefully outlines the significant distinction between skill at running a business and skill at understanding the economy.

Krugman came to the HBR offices to talk about his new book, The Return of Depression Economics, and the economy in general.

In the video clips below, Krugman offers opinions on why the stimulus package is not big enough (and why it needs to be bigger); who bears the most blame for the economic crisis; what he thinks of Henry "Hank" Paulson's performance; and what a "Krugman Plan" might look like.